Excitement plus! The thrill of sport fishing and capturing a fast moving Tuna or Dolphin fish is the pinnacle of most fishermen’s fishing experiences. Bonito, Mackerel Tuna, Shark Mackerel, Striped Tuna, Dolphin Fish (Mahi Mahi) are regular captures during the sport fishing season. We use our knowledge of ocean currents, temperature breaks, current eddies and fish aggregation devices (FADs) to maximize your catch and add to the success of your day out sport fishing with us. Call us if you wish and discuss with one of our experienced crew what is being caught right now.

Group Bookings only

When you book the vessel for sport fishing the charter is yours. We do not mix groups nor take individuals.

What we provide

  • Groups, Social Clubs, Fishing Clubs, bucks parties or a bunch of mates from work.
  • Groups minimum 7 persons and maximum 11 persons.
  • Boat rods with overhead reels provided
  • Lures and bait professionally rigged.
  • Baits and lures set by crew.
  • Qualified deck hand.
  • Cold storage facilities for fish catch.
  • NSW Fishing Licences provided.