This is really deep water fishing. With a start depth of at about 450 meters the target is Blue Eye Cod, Bass Groper, Frost Fish, Giant Boar Fish, Gemfish, Hapuka, Alfonsin, Orange Roughy and Deep Sea Perch. There are other species that are caught at these depths. These deep water fishing trips are only done in the winter and earlier spring months when these species come onto deep water reefs to spawn. We use Alvey Reef Queen Reels spooled with 200lb braid to ensure you have the best chance of landing your catch. Terminal tackle is crimped wire and circle hooks.

We troll game fishing gear on the way out and back with regular captures of Tuna species and occasionally Striped Marlin as a welcome surprise.

Strictly Group Booking for Very Deep Sea Fishing

  • Your group only! Minimum 14 maximum 16 persons and all fish at the same time.
  • Winter and Spring months only.
  • Specialised Blue Eye Cod tackle provided (Alvey Reef Queen Reels with 200lb braid).
  • Lures run on the way out and back on game rods and reels.
  • Additional crew carried to assist with those BIG FISH.
  • All fish are processed and chilled as caught to keep them in prime eating condition.
  • All required licences provided.