Where to fish for Snapper in Sydney?

Snapper found in Australian waters has the scientific name Pagrus Auratus, sometimes known as squirefish. Snapper are famous in Australia. We have 2 islands named after the species known as Snapper Island.

Every fisherman or enthusiast anglers fishing in Sydney has a goal to catch a huge Snapper during fishing. Most fishermen get a big smile on their face if they land a really nice Snapper. Generally Snapper are less than 3kgs in weight but sometimes you could land one greater than 5kgs.

Someone tries and gets luckily and catches a huge Snapper which weighs over 10kgs, it is cherished with great pride as a prized catch.

Why is snapper fishing in Sydney famous?

Snapper fishing in Sydney is famous worldwide because they are found in abundant quantities on the coast off Sydney Australia. Snapper can be targeted from the shore but the best and most productive method is via charter fishing in deeper waters. There are many fishing spots where you can readily catch Snapper. This is perhaps the reason they have acquired many local names such as Pinkies, Red Bream, Cockney Bream, Squire, Old Man Snapper and others.

Some tips for Snapper Fishing in Sydney

If you are going for Snapper Fishing in Sydney then these tips could really help you. Snapper is a very shy fish so you need to be very accurate and know best tricks to catch them. You should have good vessel equipment such as GPS, Sonar (fish finders) will help you in finding the right spots.

Things that you should really care about are as follows:

Snapper and Their Habitats

Snapper is one of the most valuable fish for commercial fishermen and are extremely popular among general public. It is a more offshore fish which will be found at depths of 10 to 60 meters. In Summer, they will be generally in deeper water of up to 100 meters. A Snapper can live up to 50 years and weigh up to 25kg. In shallow bays, clean rivers, over broken reef and shale/shell grounds juvenile snapper can be readily found.

Snapper Baits and Lures

Snapper is one of the Australia’s most popular and highly prized table fish. Snapper is the type of fish which everyone dreams of catching when picking up a rod. Some Snapper seem to be easily targeted. However, if you want to constantly catch a good Snapper then you need to put serious effort into to targeting them. Practically, Snapper are good fighting fish and bust offs are not uncommon. Snapper are very aggressive feeders that can be taken on a wide variety of terminal rigs. Snapper fishing is a fun and is a delicious meal for the big party bash.

There are generally two techniques used to catch a snapper. Firstly by using bait and the second is the use of a lure. If you are using the bait which is old and stinks then it will not work well. Use fresh bait and your chances of catching that great Snapper will increase greatly. All the usual suspects for bait such as squid, shellfish, tailor, whiting, mullet, octopus, prawns and crabs are found to work. Remember what bait is the area you are in, use that! As your practice and skill improves, tackle for Snapper Fishing in Sydney can be astonishingly light. Nonetheless, it is recommended to keep a good reel spooled with 200 meters of 4KG or 6KG line on a light, but well manufactured boat rod in shallow waters and a more appropriate 10kg outfit for deeper locations. Particularly smaller fish seem to be very aware of line diameter, line type and colour. Yes fish can see colour! When fishing in shallow water,10 meters or less, it is recommended to keep your line 6kg or less. However, for 25 meters or more, a 10kg line is generally adequate. If you are targeting larger fish, stronger hooks in the 6/0 to 7/0 range (J type) allowing bigger baits and to cope with the influence of a powerful snapper jaws.